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Welcome to First Tech Challenge, Team 8411.

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Fast & Responsive Code

Our codebase is built on top of Kotlin and Typescript, making sure that it's lightning fast.

Open Sourcing

We believe in other teams being allowed to interpret our code and create off of our codebase for the community.

Latest Rev Products

Everything we use is up-to-date from REV Robotics & other distributors, we prefer to stay up to date, and keep things running smooth.

Stress is out the window

We only meet twice a week, for two hours. There's no reason for stress even if you're a Developer or an Engineer, you only have to worry about working whilst not at meetings.

New year, New everything.

Whilst we wish we'd be able to create everything from last year's robot, that simply doesn't work. To innovate we need to create, and that's exactly what we pride ourselves on doing.